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We mainly work with small handicraft businesses in Asia. These often have no other option than to sell their products exclusively to local tourists, as they cannot produce in sufficient quantities and in a short time for larger companies abroad. In some countries we have direct contact with the owners of these farms and are trying to develop these contacts further. We also continue to look for companies that have a social aspect or an environmental aspect. We can present you some products from the Shoba Gallery from Sri Lanka. The women's cooperative supports the idea that everyone in this world should have a chance. Many women in Sri Lanka have been hit hard by the 2004 tsunami, poverty and recession. Shoba helps those affected to earn their own living. Through the women's cooperative, women in rural areas have access to various services such as access to selected commodities, help with their bookkeeping, etc. The Shoba Gallery in offers the women an opportunity to exhibit their products and offer them for sale. 

Of course we also want to contribute to the protection of the elephants. Also in Sri Lanka we discovered a small handicraft company that produces paper goods from elephant dung. The company maximus is dedicated to the protection of the elephants in Sri Lanka. Due to the advancing civilization, the natural space of the elephants in Sri Lanka is getting smaller and smaller. The elephant loses its natural role and becomes the enemy of people who want to protect crops etc. from it. In order to find a new role for the elephant in Sri Lanka again, maximus has made the elephant the natural source of paper. Since the elephant feeds exclusively on plants and fruits and does not eat meat, the dung is rich in fiber. With the help of old paper and cardboard, as well as other natural materials such as straw, the pulp with elephant dung for the paper is created. This is cooked and, of course, completely disinfected. After drying, the material is further processed into paper. All products are handmade and each production has its own texture.  The papers are free of acids and bleaches and only natural dyes are used for coloring. The employees of us are big elephant fans and have fun with the common idea. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Millenium Elephant Foundation in the heart of Sri Lanka. The foundation is a sanctuary for old, disabled and sick elephants and supports the protection and care of elephants in Sri Lanka through various projects. 

In Kenya, we have "adopted" a small orphaned elephant and are helping to ensure that it can be raised without its mother and herd, and can later return to the wild. The most successful rescue and rehabilitation program for orphaned elephants worldwide takes care of orphaned elephant cubs whose mothers have been attacked and killed, for example by poachers, other predators or by farmers who want to protect their crops and have lost the herd. The organization supports all activities that complement the protection, conservation and preservation of wildlife, such as combating poaching, protecting the natural environment, raising community awareness and providing veterinary assistance to animals in need. 

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